Day 1 Letter to my Best Friend

1 – Your Best Friend

I have a few best friends:

  1. Me, Myself, and I
  2. Ronda
  3. Tracie
  4. My online Buddies
This is a letter to myself as it is personal and I wish not to write so personal online to my BFF.
Dear Jackie,
Today is August 8, 2011
I am going on a rant of what bothers me because I never do this.
It bothers me that I cannot find a job when I have:
A Paralegal Degree
Cosmetology License with 20 years experience + I am a Licensed Barber
I am an Illinois Security Officier
Let me tell you what you need to become a licensed Security Officer in IL.

In order to become an unarmed security officer in the state of Illinois, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. In addition, he or she must be able to legally work in the United States. The applicant must also pass a criminal background check, submit to fingerprinting, and have a valid state identification or driver’s license. In addition to these requirements, A prospective security guard in the state of Illinois must also undergo 20 hours of minimum training. The training must be received in a state approved facility. Security officer candidates will receive education in the legal issues surrounding the use of force, the detention of individuals, as well as other legal and ethical matters. Security officer training will also include instruction in first aid, CPR, and emergency fire training. The security officer candidate will also receive training in dealing with the general public. Once the candidate has completed the 20 hours of training, The Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulation will issue the security guard license. The security officer license is valid for 2 years. However, in order to keep the security officer license current, additional refresher security officer training must be completed every 12 months.

The basic requirements for becoming an armed security officer in the state of Illinois are the same as for the unarmed security officer candidate except that the candidate must be at least 21 years of age. In addition to the unarmed security officer training course, in order to become an armed security officer, the armed security officer candidate must also complete an additional 20 hours of firearms instruction. The firearms training includes both marksmanship and target practice.

The End for today.



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2012 Reading Challenge
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