30 Days About Me Challenge

30 Days About Me Challenge Day one

I mentioned a few weeks ago starting in August I, along with some other amazing bloggers, was going to do a “30 Days About Me” series.  Just a fun month long meme, if you will, to let you know a little bit more about myself (and get to know you if you are joining in).  If you would like to join in starting Tuesday, August 2 here is the list of prompts.

We will go from August 2 – August 31 and each day in the post here I will have a linky for you to link up that days post so participants and readers can head over and check yours out.  If you can’t join in each day join in when you can and link up that days post.  Now without further ado here are the prompts:

  • Day 1- Favorite Song
  • Day 2- Favorite Movie
  • Day 3- Favorite Television Show
  • Day 4- Favorite Book
  • Day 5- Favorite Quote
  • Day 6- Most Treasured Item
  • Day 7- A Photo That Makes You Happy
  • Day 8- Something You Hate
  • Day 9- Something That Makes Your Life Easier
  • Day 10- A Photo Taken Over 10 Years Ago of You & A Current One
  • Day 11-  Favorite Band/Artist
  • Day 12- Something you are OCD about
  • Day 13- Something or Someone that has had a huge impact on your life.
  • Day 14- Somewhere You’d Love to Travel
  • Day 15- Describe Your Dream Home or show us a picture
  • Day 16- Who Do You Do the Most Crazy Things With OR What is the Most Crazy Thing You’ve Done?
  • Day 17- Your Biggest Insecurity & Something About Yourself You Are Proud Of
  • Day 18- Wedding Talk (share stories, photos, both, anything having to do with your wedding, the one you had or the one you dream of)
  • Day 19-  A talent/hobby of yours
  • Day 20- Something you wished you could forget
  • Day 21- A recipe you love
  • Day 22- Some of Your Favorite Websites
  • Day 23- Something you love to watch on youtube (or better yet a youtube video of yourself)
  • Day 24-  Where You Live?  Tell us or show us about where you live
  • Day 25- Who is/are your best friends?
  • Day 26- Favorite clothing store.
  • Day 27- Worst Habit
  • Day 28- What’s in Your purse, backpack or computer bag?
  • Day 29- Who Has gotten you through the most?
  • Day 30- A dream for the future beyond the next year…think long term
The list of bloggers who have already told me they were participating are:
If you want to join in just add your blog link in the linky below and start with us on Tuesday, August 2, and link up your posts each day.  Then check back each day and watch the linky for those who are participating to learn more about them.  Don’t forget if you blog and want to join in then link up your blog in the linky below so we know who you are.  And tell your readers about it.  This is just a fun way to share a little more about yourself…as if we don’t do enough of that on a blog already tee hee. Oh and in the sidebar there is a button if you want to grab it to show you’re participating
1. The Chatty Momma 2. Multitasking Mama
3. Delightful Chaos 4. The Vann Clan
5. Southern Girl Reviews 6. Ann Again… and again
7. In Training Wheels 8. The Misadventures of Cheri
9. Infectious Chatter 10. Notes from Two Sisters
11. Daily Cynema 12. Late Mommy’s Blog
13. My Everyday Miracles 14. Malis madness
15. My Life as a Navy Wife 16. Buck Daddy Blog
17. Blog by Donna 18. From Cristin To Mommy
19. Couponing Because I Can 20. From My Tiny Kitchen
21. Tori @ Swampbrat 22. Mrs.B
23. Lisa

© 2011, A Daily Dose of Toni. All rights reserved.

  • The Lord Will Fight for You, You Need Only Be Still (Exodus 14:14) *yes I know it’s not a quote per say but that verse gets me through so much!
  • Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are.  *Ahem, I know I am not the only one who feels that one!
  • Sometimes we need to forget some people from our past because of one simple reason…they just don’t belong in our future. *This one speaks so much to me lately as I am weighing a friendship, that seems to be slipping away for no reason.
  • I don’t forgive people because I’m weak, I forgive them because I’m strong enough to know people make mistakes.  *And I hope that is the same for each of you, sometimes it’s hard but it really takes more to forgive than not in my opinion.
  • I believe in Christ like I believe in the sun.  Not because I can see it but by it I can see everything else. (C.S. Lewis).  *’Nuff said.

If you are a blogger joining in, link up your Day 5 post in the linky below. If you aren’t a blogger but want to join in the fun, just leave today’s prompt answer in the comments below. Can’t wait to hear everyone’s favorite quotes.

1. Nap Time Is My Time 2. Katie-My Life as a Navy Wife-Day 5
3. Martha 4. Cyn @ dailycynema
5. Art’s Chili Pepper 6. Kerry @ My Lovebumps
7. Becca’s Backyard 8. Joy @ Joyful Musings
9. Tori @ Swampbrat 10. Lianne @ Couponing Because I Can
11. Heather @ Full Price? NEVER! 12. Alicia- Laugh/Love/Dream
13. Blog by Donna 14. Sara@MommaFindings
15. The Misadventures of Cheri 16. 30 Days About Me. Day 5: Favorite Quote
17. Aide @ intrainingwheels 18. Lori @ my Kinda Rain
19. My Very Own Mommy Blog 20. The Vann Clan
21. Perpetually Me 22. Kimberly @ Southern Girl Reviews
23. yet another challenge… 24. From My Tiny Kitchen – Day 5
25. Farrah @ Notes from Two Sisters 26. 30 days about me: day 5

I am doing a 30 Day about me challenge starting today, as I am behind I will catch up soon,



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2012 Reading Challenge
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2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
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