Day 13 Divorce Changed my Life

Day 13- Something or Someone that has had a huge impact on your life.

I will post my story about my Divorce here as It has made me change in more ways than one.  I now have a paralegal degree and love law.  Here it is from another blog I have:


Hello, my name is Jackie Paulson.  I am a 44 year old single mother

born on 12-12-1966 with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.  The one thing

I find true for me that stands out in the traits of the zodiac sign is

“Knowledge is power.”  I love to read and learn from others as a life

Long knowledge and truthseeker.

The reason why I blog is to mainly network and share knowledge with

others.  My passion is reading and research so this helps me to share

what I know.  I can read 167 pages of any book in two hours with

complete comprehension of what I have read.  I was not always a good

reader and that all changed once I got married.  The reason it changed

is because I wanted to “fix” my husband at that time.  He was a

drinker and so was I.  Of course I did not think I had a problem I

thought he did.  What I did was to get my hands on every self help

book I could get my hands on from Barns and Nobel book stores.

Eventually I was invited to a AA  meeting with a friend and took her upon the offer.

I went there to “fix” my husband’s drinking problem.  What I found out

was that I could not “fix” anyone but “myself.”  Low and behold, I

changed and quit drinking and my husband did not.  The changes I made

involved learning to not be a codependent and live my life

Married but “detached” from my husband and his drinking.

I got married on 2-22-92 and got divorced on June 12, 1996 and I had our

baby on 2-14-94.  Yes, a short marriage to an alcoholic, a divorce

with a 1 year old which led me to being a single mother working three

Jobs just to survive.  My ex husband was unfaithful in our marriage

and led to our divorce.  I was born and raised Catholic and divorce

was not an option unless he broke one of the Ten Commandments and

since he did I was free to divorce and remarry, which I have not.  I

received “sole custody” of our daughter and raised her the best way I

knew how and now she is going to be 17 on Valentine’s Day 2011.  Yes, I

am a Proud Mother!

Okay, so to make a long story short, I have been in an ongoing battle

to get child support from my ex husband and he has been remarried and

has a ten year old son.  Here it is 2011 and my ex owes me over 94

thousand dollars.  You wonder how come so much?  He is Delinquent

and when that happens there is penalties and interest that built up over

the years.  Have I gotten any of that money yet, No!  What is crazy is

how “dead beat dads” like him can live “knowing” they do not

support the child they helped to create into this world.  It takes

“two” to have a child and it take’s “two” to support a child.  I did

my part by raising her the best I could, working many jobs to make

ends meet, and taking on all the responsibility that a single parent

does, and then my ex did not see what I had to do just to survive.

So, if he did care he would have paid his child support, “actions

speak louder than words.”

If you have questions or comments feel free to contact me @




I wrote this on 1-10-2010
Today is an important date because I am alive!  Today is January 10, 2010.  As a new blogger on here I wanted to share my “STORY” with all of  you.
In a nutshell I am a single mom who has a teenage daughter; age 15.
About one year ago I was not longer able to afford my daughter because I was without child support.  I had also lost my job.  I am on a constant battle to get child support from my ex husband.  It will never make sense to me why my ex would not want to give me money to support his child (I have sole custody).
I have to say that my Faith in God has kept me going when all earthly means have failed me.
One of the sites that helped me the most is http://www.spiritualnetworks.com  Jason has been of the most inspirational and help of this entire situation.   ~May you be a blessing to others as you bless me~


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2012 Reading Challenge
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2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
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